You are creating life, an extraordinarily miraculous gift!  There is nothing in the world more precious than a pregnant woman with a round belly and a motherly glow!  You have never looked more beautiful! A great maternity photo will remind you of this unique period in your life.  This time can be best captured with a professional portrait. To capture your beautiful belly, it is best to schedule a studio session between 32-36 weeks.  If you come in for a session too early, it won't show off the fullness of your pregnant form.  I schedule a 2-hour studio session so you have plenty of time for changing and getting comfortable.  It is always helpful to have your husband or a close friend accompany you during the session.  An extra set of hands is always appreciated.
The studio sessions include all of the digital hi-res images on a DVD. All of the images are edited and four images of your choice will be retouched completely, including stretch marks, scars, and anything else you would like done. Along with the images, you will receive a full copyright release so you may use the images however you would like.

Newborn studio sessions are best when your newborn is under 10 days old.  It's important to bring newborns in early because they still sleep quite a bit. We can move them and put them into poses without them getting upset!  I also schedule 2 hours for newborn studio sessions. This helps if your baby needs a change of outfits, diapers or just needs a snack.
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