Do you have props available?
Yes, I do have some props available. At the time of your session I can help determine what props may be appropriate.  However, I do encourage you to bring your own props and keepsakes, as they reflect your lifestyle and individuality.
Can I bring a change of clothing?
Yes, I encourage a change of clothing that reflects your personal style.  Casual is always a great selection, as frequently I will photograph seniors on the floor. Clothing should be simple. Solid colors work best.  If there are two or more people in the same photograph, similar colors or shades are preferable. Denim with white or black shirts can be very dramatic. However, too many changes of clothing can lead to a long drawn-out session which can make your or your child's day long and cumbersome.

May I arrive early to my session?
Unfortunately, no, as sometimes the sessions in the studio are scheduled back to back. If you are early to a session, it may interfere with someone else. Please be prompt.  If you feel you may need extra time, please notify me when scheduling your sitting so we can make the appropriate arrangements.

What if my child is sick the morning of our appointment?
If you are ill, I would prefer you call to reschedule.  As long as you call prior to your appointment, there will be no cancellation fee.  Please give as much notice as possible.
May I bring our pet?
Of course! As long as he or she is house trained.  Animals are a member  of the family and should be included.
How do we determine the best size for a portrait?
Choose the setting in your home or office best suited for a portrait.  An extensive survey of your wall space will help you explore different ideas and therefore plan a creative portrait session.  Appropriately sized portraits will dominate the space on the wall on which they are hung.  It is sometimes best to predetermine whether you want a horizontal or a vertical portrait.  Remember your portrait will become a room's focal point. All elements of design, color, style, composition and size must work together to complete a decorative statement.  Once you have found the perfect location for your portrait, you should measure the area for optimum viewing throughout the room.  Our wall portrait sizes are 16x20, 20x24, 24x30, 30x40 and 40x60.
I have a scratch on my face, and a sunburn...?
Yes, retouching  is available upon request and will be charged on an individual basis.
Do you have gift certificates available?
Yes, I do have gift certificates that you can purchase.  Please contact me by email or phone for details.
Do you make donations to schools or silent auctions?
Yes, please contact me and we can discuss what options exist for your organization.
What about reproducing the images for the internet or...?
In 1976, the Federal Government passed a law making it illegal to copy materials protected by copyright, including professional photography. Your portraits are made by the finest craftsmen in the industry. My studio invests heavily in equipment to provide you with the highest quality photography. The quality of the images cannot be duplicated or copied without a loss of sharpness, color and clarity.
Since such a loss would reflect poorly on the reputation of my work, David Schlatter Photography has reserved the copyright on each portrait I create. That means copying either your proofs or finished portraits by ANY means, including photocopier, digital scanning or copy photography is prohibited by law. David Schlatter Photography reserves the right to pursue legal actions against any person who violates this copyright.
Due to these strict copyright laws, third parties may not reproduce our work without legal repercussions.
I sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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