Footsteps Collection
Congratulations on the birth of your child!  This is a very exciting and joyful time! Changes will be coming quickly. You'll need help remembering them all.  So capture them in portraits! As your child grows, preserve each step.
As a proud parent of three, I know all too well the demands that a new baby places on your time. It's easy to postpone taking pictures and then realize later how much time has passed!
My "Footsteps Collection" is designed to help keep you on track with the many steps along this amazing journey. This plan will give you the piece of mind that comes with knowing that the first year will be well documented.
"My grandchild's first year photos are gorgeous!  Your photography is awesome.  You manage to capture that special inner sparkle of the individual, whether photographing babies, teenagers, or even us "old people."   After taking all of our family's portraits for the past 20 years, you always have fresh new ideas for props, settings, printing, and framing.  You give us so many great choices.  The photo sittings are always relaxed and fun.  We appreciate your care and attention to detail.  We know we can recommend you to others with the highest confidence.  We’re your clients for life!  "Thanks again."
Carol, Boulder, CO
The plan is simple. A collection of images will be taken at three, six, nine, and twelve months.  After the twelfth month session, your child's portrait collection will be delivered to you in a "Baby Panel"  (10x20 inches) with your favorite image from each session.  
This package can be customized to include pregnancy portraits of the mother-to-be. 
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